Freight and logistics

Freight & logistics

Airport-related investment, a potential new intermodal terminal and new road infrastructure will support existing regional specialisations in freight and logistics.

As more industrial lands are renewed in the Eastern and Central cities of Greater Sydney, the Aerotropolis in the Western Parkland City will offer a well-connected and serviced alternative for businesses looking to relocate.

Demand for aviation services in Greater Sydney is forecast to double in the next 20 years. Currently, goods moved by air freight through Sydney Airport in Mascot almost equal the value of Australia’s entire agricultural production. The 24-hour Western Sydney Airport and the area’s less congested roads will give the Aerotropolis a competitive advantage and draw a large share of Sydney’s freight (air and ground).

The new Airport’s freight demands are estimated to grow to around 265,600 tonnes in 2031, nearly 1 million tonnes in 2052 and 1.8 million tonnes in 2064.

Agribusiness is already a substantial industry in the Western Parkland City. The new Airport will provide an effective means to transport extra volumes to international markets quickly. A growing international demand for fresh Australian food will generate greater direct exports. The presence of agricultural precincts adjoining the Airport will allow faster delivery and reduce costs as goods will spend less time in transit.

Freight and logisticsThe Airport will be well-located for the transport of goods to and from Greater Sydney and New South Wales. The Aerotropolis will support the logistics and distribution needs of Greater Sydney with dedicated freight connections to Port Botany (Sydney), the Port of Newcastle and Port Kembla (Wollongong), and will be the central hub for the movement of goods throughout the state.

Serviced by new intermodal terminals, the Aerotropolis will be sought after by major international freight distribution companies wanting to access the growing Sydney market. With a projected increasing share of freight movement by rail, the Aerotropolis will facilitate the efficient distribution of goods to local, regional and national markets without impacting road or passenger rail networks.

To deliver an effective freight and transport system, the Australian and New South Wales governments will provide A$3.6 billion in funding for Western Sydney roads over 10 years. Land has also been set aside to allow for future logistic hubs and infrastructure to support the growing freight network.