Food and agribusiness


Agriculture is a sector with substantial existing export activity and opportunity for growth. It is also a significant generator of air freight volumes. The new Western Sydney Airport will offer an efficient way to get extra volumes to existing and new international markets.

Together with the productive agricultural lands available in the region and Australia’s reputation as a safe and reliable source of quality produce and premium products, the Airport will provide the ultimate gateway to build export volumes and meet future demand.

Having food and agribusiness precincts in the Aerotropolis will enable the delivery of fresh produce and pre-prepared food anywhere in the world within 36 hours from production to consumption – providing access to premium food markets and consumers willing to pay for these products.

Food and agribusiness opportunities include:

  • producing fresh food on-site, close to the point of export, reducing transport loads in the supply chain and time to market. Rapid delivery by air to markets will grow further food and beverage exports compared to competitor nations who do not have the same ‘speed to market’ advantage
  • assisting niche brands to extract the maximum value from international customers from just-in-time harvest, process and distribution. Ensuring the value-add components can be done on-site will generate extra profits and additional markets
  • advancing technological solutions to support emerging export agribusiness, in areas such as biosecurity, cold storage and quarantine
  • establishing groundbreaking research programs with universities, advancing new technologies and systems to improve agricultural productivity, biosecurity and sustainable use of resources
  • the synergy potential of linking agri-precincts with high-tech businesses across the Aerotropolis. A recent report shows agtech has a potential value-add to the agriculture sector of A$20 billion.

Food and agribusinessThe Aerotropolis is also located near several food and agricultural research institutes including:

  • Western Sydney University’s Hawkesbury Agripark in Richmond (39 kilometres away)
  • the University of Sydney’s Centre for Carbon, Water and Food in Camden (26 kilometres)
  • the New South Wales Government’s Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute in Menangle (40 kilometres)
  • the University of Sydney’s Livestock Veterinary Teaching and Research Unit in Brownlow Hill (27 kilometres).