Building and construction

Building & construction

The development of the Aerotropolis, completion of Western Sydney Airport and construction of associated transport connections present a wealth of opportunities for the building and construction industry.

These will include projects in the areas of:

  • public transport and roads
  • health infrastructure
  • education infrastructure, including the Aerospace Institute, schools, and university and training facilities
  • water infrastructure.

The first stage of a North South Rail Link from St Marys to Western Sydney Airport and the Aerotropolis will be funded by the Australian and New South Wales governments. Ongoing investigations will be held for transport options including major road and rail projects across the Aerotropolis.

The Australian and New South Wales governments will explore opportunities for the release of government land to drive development and new construction.Building and construction

This will start with the sale of the Penrith Multi-User Depot (13 kilometres north-west of the Airport). A new growth area will also be delivered between Greater Penrith and Eastern Creek – the area directly north of the Aerotropolis. This will allow new housing to be planned and constructed, along with new infrastructure including schools, healthcare facilities and transport.

The Western Parkland City is set to grow by 500,000 people over the next 20 years. The New South Wales Government has set a target for 184,500 new homes in that period to meet that demand. The construction industry will be relied upon to deliver the boom of homes needed for the growing population.