Investment opportunities within the Aerotropolis

By the time the Airport opens in eight years, the Aerotropolis will already be taking shape. Through government investment, there will be integrated public transport running, corridors in place, and education and training institutions established.

These major infrastructure developments can take years to complete, which is why the decisions are happening now.

To help shape the Aerotropolis, you are invited to be a foundation investor and partner in this 21st century city.

Early investors will help determine the shape of industry clusters, establish themselves at the heart of collaborations and develop strong alliances.

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    Aerospace and defence

    Western Sydney is already attracting world-leading aerospace and defence industries (ADI) organisations.

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    Food and agribusiness

    Agriculture is a sector with substantial existing export activity and opportunity for growth.

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    Health, research and advanced manufacturing

    Our government will help to establish a fourth health and education precinct in the Western Parkland City.

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    Freight and logistics

    Airport-related investment, a potential new terminal and new roads will support existing freight and logistics.

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    Building and construction

    The development of the Aerotropolis presents a wealth of opportunities for the building and construction industry.

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    Western Sydney is a key contributor to the NSW visitor economy.