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Water is one of our most valuable natural assets. We have a responsibility to the people of NSW to ensure we manage water equitably and transparently now and into the future. Our stakeholders are those groups and individuals who could be affected by our activities.

We recognise that the most effective way to successfully manage water is by collaborating with our stakeholders and the greater community. Our Community Engagement Policy describes how we will complete this engagement.

We will regularly meet with our stakeholders on key projects, and provide opportunities for stakeholders and the broader public to provide input on policies, plans, and other relevant documents.

An overview of our upcoming meetings, exhibitions, and other public engagement activities is provided below.

Have your say—public exhibition

Key dates Description
2 – 30 September

Statutory Review of the Water NSW Act 2014

This 5 year review will help determine whether the Act is effective and whether it enables WaterNSW to deliver water in an efficient and safe manner.

9 September – 7 October

Draft Water Management (General) Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2020

Seeking feedback on proposed changes to the Water Management (General) Regulation 2020 to improve consistency and transparency of reporting for metered water users.

25 September – 13 November Regional Water Strategies on public exhibition:

Key upcoming dates/events

Please note: Due to COVID-19 all engagement meetings are continuing to be held online.
Key dates Description Location

Note: The department seeks to update this table regularly. Changes to events or public exhibitions can take place and some of the details in the table may be out of date.


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