NSW Regional Water Statement

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that communities in regional and rural NSW have water to live, grow and enjoy now and for the future.

We have a fair approach to managing our precious water resources which underpins the prosperity of our regions. It enables growing economies, thriving towns and a healthy environment for people to enjoy.

This NSW Regional Water Statement sets out where we are today and our plans to support vibrant regional communities with secure access to water resources for the future.

We need to look to the future and ensure water security in the face of new challenges and opportunities.

We must understand, prepare and plan for these and adapt our approach over time.

This statement sets out how we are doing this by:

  • setting clear rules for sharing water supported by firm but fair enforcement
  • planning and investing in long term infrastructure solutions to better secure water for everyone
  • working with the community to get the balance right including improved management of water for the environment
  • preparing for extreme events.