Statutory reporting

Section 10 reporting

Requirements of the review

Under s.10 (1) of the Water Management Act 2000 No 92, the Minister is required to review the work and activities of the Department at intervals of not more than five years. The review is required to:

ensure that the work and activities of the Department… have been effective in giving effect to the water management principles of this Act and the State Water Management Outcomes Plan." (the Act, s.10 (1)).

The results of each review under this section are to be included in the relevant annual report for the Department (s.10(2)). This section provides an overview of the requirements for the review, and the current status and approach.

Section 10 review method

A contemporary method has been developed for undertaking Section 10 reviews allowing future reviews to be conducted in a consistent manner. The method is designed to be enduring, provide clarity and apply consistent criteria.

Some refinement to the method may be required post its application and testing.

What’s next?

The Department has commenced its work on a Section 10 review. This will include working in consultation with other agencies who have responsibilities under the Water Management Act 2000.

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