Improving transparency and trust

Wollongong Community meeting.

Report on how we are working to improve transparency and trust

The Department of Planning and Environment Water Group commissioned the Nous Group to provide a report, finalised in March 2021, recommending tangible actions to improve transparency and rebuild stakeholder trust across the state.

The project was undertaken in four key steps:

  1. Review previous initiatives and reports
  2. Understand actions already underway
  3. Seek stakeholder input
  4. Provide recommended actions.

The report has helped to guide the Water Group’s thinking and actions that are intended to improve the experience of stakeholders that interact with the department. This document provides a short update to actions that have been taken in response.

One of the seven guiding principles of the NSW Water Strategy, released in August 2021, is 'transparency and accountability to engender community trust'. Actions and priorities in the NWS respond substantially to actions recommended by Nous.