Two-part tariff

The water management charges for your unregulated river or groundwater licence can be billed under a 1 or 2-part tariff. This billing structure might act as an incentive for customers to have their water take metered or assessed.

If you are billed under the one-part tariff, the entitlement charge is applied to your licence volumetric ML entitlement or unit shares.

Under the 2-part tariff your water take is metered or assessed and you are billed for:

  • lower entitlement charge (than under the 1 part tariff) applied to your licence volumetric ML entitlement or unit shares
  • water take charge applied to your ML of usage
  • water take reading/assessments charge or a meter service charge (if your meter is a corporation meter)

Regulated river licence holders are all required to meter their water usage and are billed under the 2-part tariff.

WaterNSW issues water bills in rural and regional areas of NSW.

For more information about charges go to:

Application for the 2-part tariff

To apply for the 2-part tariff visit WaterNSW and complete and return the application form to WaterNSW. A determination will be made and you will be advised in writing if your application was approved.

If your application is successful:

  • You might not be able to revert to a 1-part tariff (contact WaterNSW for further information)
  • The 2-part tariff will be charged from 1 July of the year following the year of your application. This is to ensure that the full year water usage is metered or assessed.

Having your water take assessed

Metering your water take is the best way to determine how much water you used during the billing period and provide WaterNSW with evidence of your water use. Metering your water take will also provide you with accurate, real time information you can use to improve your water efficiency and achieve cost savings. Contact WaterNSW for more information.