What we do

Our department is responsible for water security and managing NSW water resources, including surface and groundwater management. We also ensure equitable sharing of surface and groundwater resources and that water entitlements and allocations are secure and tradeable.

Through planning, policy and regulation and leads negotiations with the Commonwealth, including the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and other jurisdictions, we’re working towards delivering on the NSW Government’s water goals.

To learn more about what the NSW Government is doing to reform water management, read the NSW Water Reform Action Plan.

  1. How water is managed

    We work to ensure there is an equitable and transparent approach to the management of NSW water now and for future generations.

  2. Legislation & policies

    Information about acts and regulations, our policies, intergovernmental agreements and our role in assessing major developments.

  3. Fees & charges

    Find out about the fees we can charge for licences, approvals and other dealings, water management charges and 2-part tariff billing.

  4. Contact us

    Our contact for general enquiries during business hours. We also have a dedicated line for reporting illegal or suspicious activities such as water theft or harming a water source.