Liquid Trade Waste Regulation

The 'Best-Practice Management of Water Supply and Sewerage Guidelines 2007' requires NSW local water utilities to implement an appropriate liquid trade waste policy; issue an approval under the Local Government Act 1993 for each liquid trade waste discharger to its sewerage system; and to implement best-practice sewerage and trade waste pricing. These requirements comprise the NSW Framework for Regulation of Sewerage and Trade Waste, which is set out in the 2020 Liquid Trade Waste Management Guidelines (soon to be released).

This qualification allows for the attainment of general competencies in trade waste and covers the skills required in compliance, licencing and regulations of trade waste management.

Who should attend?

Trade waste officers, environmental health officers, wastewater engineers, other officers involved with assessment, approvals and/or inspections of trade waste dischargers.

Topics covered (being finalised)

  • Legislation applicable to trade waste regulation.
  • Development and implementation of a liquid trade waste policy.
  • Best practice sewerage and trade waste pricing.
  • Requirements for acceptance of trade waste discharges to the sewerage system.
  • Approval, and monitoring of trade waste discharges, enforcement of approval conditions.
  • Pre-treatment requirements for various trade waste discharges.
  • Sewage and trade waste treatment processes.
  • Auditing of trade waste dischargers.
  • Investigation of trade waste incidents.
  • Trade waste sampling and plumbing requirements.
  • WH&S.

Course delivery and assessments

The department has scheduled to run trade waste courses in the second half of this year. Course details are at present being finalised.