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The department offers training courses in water, wastewater and liquid trade waste regulation to assist local water utilities (LWU) in regional NSW to implement the NSW BPM of Water Supply & Sewerage Framework PDF, 23.9 KB

The water and wastewater treatment courses are delivered in two separate parts. Part 1 is on basic treatment principles and Part 2 is on advanced treatment operations. The completion of both parts normally takes between one to two years.

For the candidates to complete each part of the course, their practical competency will be assessed at their treatment plant by a Department of Planning, Industry and Environment water treatment officer. This is a strength of the department courses which allows operators to gain hands-on experience to achieve practical competency.

A pre-requisite for prospective candidates to attend these courses is related on-site operating experience at their workplace.

The department has scheduled to run the liquid trade waste course in the second half of this year. The course details will be advised when they are finalised.

The courses offered by the department do not lead to 'Nationally Accredited Certificates' as the department no longer has the auspices of an RTO to offer these courses. However, the contents of these courses remain similar to previous courses and are suitable for competency training of operators for water treatment plant operations, wastewater treatment plant operations and regulation of liquid trade waste.

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Wastewater Treatment Operation

Water Treatment Operation

Liquid Trade Waste Regulation

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