Regulatory assessments

The department oversees and monitors performance of regional local water utilities (as of May 2016). The Minister for Regional Water provides approval under Section 60 of the Local Government Act 1993. This includes approvals for water supply dams, water and sewage treatment works and effluent (including recycled water) and biosolids management.

Section 60 and Integrated water cycle management

Under IWCM Strategy, a utility with a sound IWCM Strategy will have met:

Step 1. Initial consultation
Step 2. Options report of the Section 60 application process. The utility can therefore subsequently proceed to;
Step 3. Concept design and further environmental impact assessment.

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    Section 60 approval for local water utility dam works

    Obtain approval for significant modifications to or construction of dams and flood retention basins.

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    Section 60 approval for water recycling schemes

    Information on how to obtain approval for water recycling schemes.

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    Section 60 approval for water or sewage treatment works

    Obtain approval for the construction or modification of water or sewage treatment works.

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    Liquid trade waste

    Find our liquid trade waste regulation guidelines and gain concurrence for liquid trade waste activities.