Strategic business planning

The Strategic Business Plan (SBP) enables the local water utility to undertake a mid-term review of its IWCM Strategy and to update its 30-year Total Asset Management Plan (TAMP) for the provision of appropriate, affordable and cost-effective water supply and sewerage services to meet community needs while protecting public health and the environment.

The review of the Total Asset Management Plan and the preparation of the Strategic Business Plan and FP need to follow the SBP Check List (PDF, 151.52 KB) and the NSW Strategic Business Planning Guidelines - July 2011 ( PDF, 1800.18 KB.

Community consultation is an integral element in preparing a SBP, which needs to identify the levels of service that provide the best value for money for the community. The SBP must include an updated TAMP and the major components of which are identified in the local water utility's adopted scenario in its 30-year IWCM Strategy.

The SBP must document the utility's proposed management of assets and the resources required to meet the levels of service negotiated with the community. It is essential that robust financial planning and asset management planning is undertaken in the SBP. The TAMP must include evidence-based asset renewal for the next 5 years, should match the utility's ability to obtain the required resources, meet community demands and manage the business risks. The financial plan must disclose the typical residential bills (TRBs), in current dollars, required to meet these levels of service.