Performance monitoring

The NSW Government promotes continued productivity and performance improvement by urban local water utilities to improve the quality and efficiency of services to all NSW residents.

Performance monitoring and benchmarking are becoming increasingly important management tools and are required under the National Water Initiative. Performance monitoring is also important for public. It also provides assurance to the NSW Government that the requirements of the Water Management Act 2000 are being met (i.e. each local water utility is performing satisfactorily).

To provide a balanced view of the long-term sustainability of local water utilities, a triple bottom line accounting focus has been adopted with performance reported on the basis of social, environmental and economic performance indicators.

NSW performance monitoring and benchmarking also provide valuable data for determining the current position and assessing future water supply and sewerage needs for regional areas. This ensures an appropriate focus and targeting of programs to assist local water utilities.

The department:

  • provides and maintains a web based database for NSW regional water utilities to annually report their current water supply and sewerage data
  • reviews and analyses water supply and sewerage data for regional NSW’s local water utilities
  • monitors and annually reports the overall performance of local water utilities as a public 'report card' in the annual NSW Water Supply and Sewerage Performance Monitoring Report. The report is provided to regional water utilities and enables NSW to comply with the National Water Initiative.
  • is an active participant in the development of key performance indicators for reporting under the National Performance Framework and in the publication of results in the annual National Performance Report for Urban Water Utilities
  • prepares the comprehensive NSW Water Supply and Sewerage Benchmarking Report which presents the full suite of performance indicators and benchmarking data for all local water utilities. This enables each local water utility to benchmark its performance against that of similar utilities to facilitate performance improvement
  • provides an annual two-page triple bottom line performance report for each utility's water supply business and for its sewerage business. These reports enable each utility to prepare an annual Action Plan to Council to identify and address any emerging issues or areas of under performance.

Water Supply and Sewerage Performance Monitoring Reports

Water Supply and Sewerage Benchmarking Reports

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Performance monitoring database

The online performance monitoring database enables regional local water utilities to annually report their water supply and sewerage data. The database provides storage and processing of local water utility water and sewerage performance data and is also linked to internal databases used for program management and asset inspection.

The database also provides status reporting for local water utilities on their section 90 trade waste applications (login required).

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