About Integrated Water Cycle Management strategic planning

Murray River at Broken Creek Junction in Barmah, NSW.

The IWCM Strategy is the LWUs strategic services planning instrument for addressing all water supply and sewerage related priorities and risks and is developed in accordance with New South Wales Government 'Best-Practice Management of Water Supply and Sewerage Guidelines' and the '2019 IWCM Strategy Checklist'.

The IWCM Strategy ensures that all water security, water quality and sewage management needs and risks in the LWUs town water supply and sewerage systems are addressed for future planning. An IWCM Strategy sets levels of service and associated investment priorities, including a 30 year total asset management plan, an associated financial management plan, a drought contingency and emergency response plan. The IWCM Strategy takes into account that LWUs plan and operate their town water systems and infrastructure in compliance with regulatory requirements, such as drinking water quality, access to water, wastewater management, relevant land use planning considerations and general council regulation.

The IWCM Strategy is essential for the provision of safe, secure and sustainable water services that are provided in an efficient and customer focused manner, to meet community needs and protect public health and the environment. It ensures that any necessary capital works projects are affordable, cost-effective and appropriately sized.

The IWCM Strategy options and solutions are based on evidence and assessed in consultation with the community.