Best practice management

A local water utility, demonstrates best practice management by implementing the outcomes of the NSW Government’s BPM of Water Supply & Sewerage Guidelines (PDF, 1764.65 KB) (BPMG). This framework encourages effective and sustainable water supply and sewerage businesses.

The Best Practice Management of Water Supply and Sewerage Guidelines were published in 2004 and revised and updated in August 2007. The guidelines consolidate a number of earlier initiatives and address the requirements of the National Water Initiative.

BPM of Water Supply & Sewerage Framework (PDF, 23.9 KB) (BPMF) facilitates implementation of the outcomes required by the guidelines. The Framework that was streamlined in 2014 and with the Guidelines provide a charter for sound planning, pricing and management by local water utilities. They focus on locally-based decision-making and a regime of self-regulation. The key elements of the Guidelines are set out in the pages below.

Implementation of the outcomes of the NSW BPM Framework is a prerequisite for payment of an 'efficiency dividend' from the surplus of a utility's water supply or sewerage businesses. Local water utilities are encouraged to pay such a dividend as this moves them towards 'upper bound' pricing, which is recommended under the National Water Initiative, where practicable.

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    Interaction with IPR, S60, S61 and LWU Operations

    Best Practice Management can ensure council's IPR framework includes long-term planning and management of the urban water cycle.

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    Integrated water cycle management

    Learn more about IWCM and how to apply for IWCM funding under the Program.

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    Strategic business planning

    A mid-term review of a water utility's integrated water cycle management strategy.

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    Providing clear price signals to enable customers to balance the benefits and costs of their use of water services.

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    Developer charges

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    Water conservation & demand management

    Ensuring efficient use of our valuable water resources.

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    Drought management

    Drought and emergency management planning is important for the management of town water supplies during drought and other extreme events.