Water utilities

Our department regulates and supports regional NSW’s local water utilities in their provision of safe, secure and sustainable water supply and sewerage services. Our role includes setting policy, planning, infrastructure and regulatory priorities across regional NSW.

We provide a management framework for local water utilities to ensure the effective delivery of essential water services.

We manage and implement significant water infrastructure programs, such as the Safe and Secure Water Program and the Aboriginal Communities Water and Sewerage Program.

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    Local water utilities

    View all the local government councils exercising water supply and sewerage functions under the Local Government Act.

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    LWU performance monitoring data and reports

    An essential management dashboard used to demonstrate the performance of local water utility across regional NSW.

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    Best practice management

    Our regulatory framework for the effective and efficient delivery of water supply and sewerage services including sustainable water conservation.

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    Regulatory assessments

    Obtain approvals for water supply dams, water and sewage treatment works, recycled water, biosolids management and concurrence of trade waste activities.

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    Training courses

    Details on our courses offered to assist regional NSW local water utilities, including the course calendar for 2019.

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    Technical assistance

    Expert strategic advice and technical support for local water utilities and other stakeholders.

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    Water & sewerage infrastructure programs

    We administer and implement co-funding programs to assist in the delivery of water and sewerage infrastructure in regional NSW.

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