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Guyra pipeline gives town a new lease on life

The town of Guyra has access to another 400 days of water thanks to the new Malpas Dam to Guyra pipeline. Completed in August and ahead of schedule, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment part-funded the pipeline to ensure Guyra had access to a new supply of water.

Until the pipeline was ready, Guyra’s water supply came solely from the Guyra Dam. But the drought reduced inflows to the dam, which affected the availability and quality of water. As a result, Guyra’s 2200 residents went to level 5 water restrictions on 24 June, when they were asked to reduce their water use to 160 L per day.

To support the town, the department helped to fund water carting from Armidale to Guyra until the pipeline was completed. Now the pipeline is operating, Guyra remains on water restrictions, but has access to a new water supply as opposed to the two weeks worth of poor quality water that remained in the Guyra Dam.

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