Research collaboration

Water Science is a group of enthusiastic professionals working across a wide range of water science themes and topics, including freshwater ecology, hydrology, geomorphology, water quality and science policy. But as is often the case with science research there are more questions than we have time to investigate.

By working with collaborators in other departments, counterparts in other states, university staff and students as well as other research institutions, we benefit by:

  • Developing new ideas, tools and services ;
  • reducing our costs by sharing the benefits;
  • gain access to a broader range of research infrastructure, technology and equipment;
  • access to an extensive range of knowledge and skilled and work-ready researchers; and
  • access to national and international knowledge networks.

The collaborations not only benefit Water Science but also the external researchers, by providing

  • access for researcher and students to “real world” research and policy needs
  • access to Water Science expertise, data and resources
  • greater influence on environmental and social outcomes
  • more effective knowledge transfer
  • important contacts and networks

Most of the time research ideas and collaborations are developed one on one between the Water Science group and its collaborator(s). However, Water Science generates project ideas or research needs that we can not do on our own and we could use some help with. These project/needs form the Water Science Research Prospectus, which contains a list of projects, their requirements (location, timeframe, knowledge/skill requirements), how the outcomes will be used and relevant contacts.

The Water Science Research Prospectus is currently in development. If you wish to be contacted when the Research Prospectus is published or would like to discuss potential collaborations with Water Science please email: