Cockburn Hydrogeological Review

Groundwater in the Cockburn River Alluvium Management Zone (Cockburn Zone) is managed under rules set out in the Water Sharing Plan for the Peel Valley Regulated, Unregulated, Alluvium and Fractured Rock Water Sources 2010 (the Plan). The Plan includes rules that restrict access to groundwater (cease-to-pump), relating to the height (and flow) of the Cockburn River. These rules have been reviewed in the Cockburn Hydrogeological Review PDF, 1512.37 KB that investigated:

  • connectivity between the alluvial aquifer and surface water
  • potential impacts of continued groundwater pumping on surface water flows at times when surface water access has ceased, and
  • possible alternative cease-to-pump trigger points that may provide a more appropriate groundwater cease-to-pump reference point.

The results of our investigation confirm that:

  • groundwater in the alluvial aquifer is highly connected to the surface water of the Cockburn River
  • groundwater extraction has the potential to impact on the flows and pool volumes in the Cockburn River, and
  • there is no current short term alternative cease-to-pump trigger points.