Groundwater status reports

We are producing a series of status reports on the state's groundwater resources. These reports describe the physical state of the resources for different areas, provide information on groundwater licensing and use, and discuss the response of the groundwater system to variability in groundwater use and rainfall.

Groundwater sources summary reports

We are producing a series of annual summary reports on the state's groundwater sources describing water sharing plan provisions, available water determinations, account management rules and groundwater trading. These reports will include up to date information on access licences, water account information, trade statistics, groundwater extractions and water levels.

Resource condition assessment reports

We also undertake risk assessments following the implementation of a water sharing plan.

Groundwater trading and management of local impacts reports

These reports provide information on trade assessment rules, established local impact areas and in-house tools developed to manage groundwater extractions at a local level.

A review of the groundwater conditions at Ashby Quarry ((PDF 118.1 KB)) near Maclean in northern NSW.

Expanding our networks

The department is increasing the spatial coverage of our monitoring bore network through the drilling of new groundwater bores in key areas. Download the fact sheets below for more information:

Other reports