Gunnedah Basin

More than 700 groundwater monitoring sites and 1,300 government monitoring bores are gathering vital data in the Gunnedah Basin in northern NSW. Baseline groundwater data is robust and dates back to 1903 in the Great Artesian Basin, and the late 1960s for the main alluvial systems.

Most of the monitoring bores are in the Upper and Lower Namoi and the Lower Gwydir valleys, where high yield, good quality water and the large volume of water rights are allocated across the systems. The NSW Government is installing further groundwater monitoring sites in the sedimentary basin where coal seam gas exploration is underway.

The project maps the geology of the Gunnedah Basin and its groundwater sources. It examines existing groundwater entitlements and uses. It shows the groundwater monitoring networks and highlights water level behaviour over time in key groundwater sources.

For more information, download the fact sheet Groundwater data.

Video presentations

The NSW Government has developed a series of short videos which can be found below covering the fundamentals of the geology, water levels and water rights in the Gunnedah Basin.

Download the video transcripts