Clarence Moreton Basin

There are over 120 groundwater monitoring sites in the Clarence Moreton Basin in northern NSW that continually record and measure water levels. Over 100 of these sites are monitored by the NSW Government to ensure the protection of precious water resources.

Three existing monitoring bores near Casino have recently been refurbished and had electronic groundwater level loggers installed. Digital technology will monitor these sites, two of which are within the overlying Richmond Alluvium and the third is in the Clarence Moreton Basin.

The project maps the geology of the Clarence Moreton Basin and its groundwater sources. It examines existing groundwater entitlements and use and collates data to give accurate, clear detail about the water in the Basin.

For more information, download the fact sheet Groundwater data in the Clarence Moreton Basin ((PDF 1.4 MB)).

Video presentations

The NSW Government has developed a short video covering the fundamentals of the geology, water levels and water rights in the Clarence Moreton Basin.

Download the video transcript ((DOCX 23.4 KB)).