Managing impacts from coal mining and coal seam gas

As part of managing groundwater resources in NSW, we monitor  the potential impacts that coal mining and coal seam gas extraction may have on the state's water resources. This is in addition to the proponent’s monitoring network.  We work with DPIE-Planning to manage impacts from coal and coal seam gas projects. We achieve this by using the best available information as part of our decision making.

The NSW government maintains a groundwater database that includes information on the:

  • depth of each bore
  • formation/rock types that have been drilled through
  • depth of aquifers intersected by the bore
  • depth to water in the completed bore
  • estimated bore yield
  • construction details of the bore.

This information provides an insight into the groundwater conditions for an area. Real time data on telemetered bores throughout NSW is available to view.

Through regulation, monitoring and assessment, we manage the potential effects of extractive industries, such as coal mining and coal seam gas, on water resources in NSW.

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