Maroota Extractive Industry Groundwater Study

A study in 2018 looked into groundwater levels in the Maroota locality northwest of Sydney. Maroota supports a variety of land uses:

  • agriculture
  • market gardens
  • National Park
  • State Forest
  • extractive industry (sand mining/quarrying).

Sand mining/quarrying in Maroota is growing because of increasing demand for construction material for use in Sydney and other areas.

The groundwater investigation assessed potential impacts on the aquifers in the Maroota area. The study used groundwater level data to determine a baseline. This helps to make sure quarries stay above the groundwater table and not interfere with groundwater withdrawal by other nearby users. The results can be used to provide a more consistent approach to the assessment of development applications for quarries in the Maroota area.

Read the Maroota groundwater study fact sheet or the full Maroota Extractive Industry Groundwater Study report for more information about the study and its results.