Hydrometric Network Review

We are reviewing our hydrometric networks in the Murray-Darling Basin, in collaboration with WaterNSW.

The comprehensive review analyses our stream, dam and groundwater bore networks, including:

  • surface water flow and level
  • surface water quality
  • meteorological i.e. rainfall and other weather parameters
  • groundwater level
  • groundwater quality.

The review is assessing our networks in view of our areas of operation and responsibility, and the interests of water stakeholders, including:

  • planning for our future resources and sharing water
  • operating and managing the delivery and take of water
  • compliance and enforcement
  • public interest
  • accounting for water use
  • evaluating water in the landscape and its associated outcomes, including for environmental water.

This work is being completed under the Murray–Darling Basin Compliance Compact, 2018. Under the compact we are required to:

  • publish a review of our water information (hydrometric) requirements
  • publish a water information (hydrometric) improvement plan
  • report annually on our progress against our improvement plan.

From our hydrometric review we will develop our hydrometric maintenance and improvement plan. Together with the Commonwealth, we have secured funding to install some new equipment and sites. This will update our extensive network and make it more robust.

We will soon publish our surface water network review report and our draft hydrometric maintenance and improvement plan. This web update is our annual report on our progress for 2021.