Why your submission is important

The department is seeking your comments on the draft Water Sharing Plan for the Tweed River Area Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sources 2023.

Submissions will be accepted until midnight Sunday, 18 December 2022.

While key issues and changes have been summarised in this submission form, comment on all aspects of the water sharing plan is welcome. Comments on every question in this form are not necessary. Please comment on those sections of the water sharing plan that you are interested in. For water source specific details including rules, please see the water source report cards. More detailed comments are welcomed as attachments.

Information on privacy and confidentiality

Submissions received will be considered by NSW Department of Planning and Environment and the Department of Primary Industries. The department values your input and accepts that information you provide may be private and personal.

If you would prefer your submission or your personal details to be treated as confidential, please indicate this by ticking the relevant box below. If you do not make a request for confidentiality, the department may make your submission, including any personal details contained in the submission, available to the public.

Please note that, regardless of a request for confidentiality, the department may be required by law to release copies of submissions to third parties in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

Further information is available in our Privacy statement.