Audits of water sharing plans under Section 44 of the Water Management Act 2000

Section 44 of the Water Management Act 2000 requires water sharing plans to be audited. The purpose of an audit is to ascertain whether a plan’s provisions are being put into practice.

Audits covering the period from 2015 to 2018 have been completed under the direction of an Independent Panel. Work is underway to address issues and recommendations identified in the audit reports.

As a result of a legislative amendment made by the Government in 2018, future audits will be completed by the independent Natural Resources Commission. Information on plan audits in progress or completed by the NRC can be found on their website.

The current schedule for plan audits.

Note: this schedule may change where plans are replaced.

We are also working to improve implementation of water sharing plan rules by establishing a theme-based, approach to implementing water sharing plans.

The Department of Planning and Environment will publish a list of all water sharing plan rules that have not yet been implemented, as well as develop and publish timelines for implementing these rules. This is in direct response to the 2020 ICAC Report – Departmental response to Recommendation 5.

Copies of the independent audit reports covering water sharing plans 2015-18

Previous audit reports and report cards