Stakeholder Advisory Panels

Stakeholder Advisory Panels are an essential part of the development of NSW water resource plans (WRPs) and will be undertaken throughout the development of the plans.

About Stakeholder Advisory Panels (SAP)

A key area of consultation will be through targeted stakeholder advisory panels (SAPs). SAPs provide the department with stakeholder input into the planning process for WRP development. SAPs to help identify issues, examine options and provide the department with feedback and advice throughout the development of WRPs.

Stakeholder Advisory Panels have been set up for each water resource plan area. The surface water WRPs include both regulated and unregulated water sources. The SAP will also provide feedback and advice where a regulated river Water Sharing Plan (WSP) may occur at the same time as the development of a WRP for that area. Each stakeholder advisory panel operates under agreed terms of reference.

SAP members include representatives from NSW government agencies, water users, environmental interest groups, Aboriginal communities and local councils.

All Stakeholder Advisory Panel (All SAP) - June 2018 meeting

The Water Resource Plan - All Stakeholder Advisory Panel (All SAP) meeting was held in Sydney on 5 and 6 June 2018. It was the second All SAP meeting, bringing together key stakeholders from the Murray Darling Basin valleys across NSW, as well as the department's staff and interagency partners.

The agenda and presentations can be viewed in the links below.

  1. Progress since last All SAP
  2. Water Resource Plan document
  3. Long-term environmental watering plan (OEH)
  4. Water Quality Management Plan
  5. Risk Assessment
  6. NSW Water Reform Action Plan
  7. Water Take Measurement & Metering
  8. Better Management of Environmental Water
  9. Transparency Measures
  10. Next Steps - recap
  11. Planning Assumptions - cap factors
  12. MDBA SDL Compliance Framework (MDBA)
  13. First Nations engagement
  14. Cultural Water (NBAN)
  15. Northern Basin - Floodplain Harvesting
  16. Northern Basin - Northern connectivity event (CEWO)
  17. Southern Basin - Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism
  18. Southern Basin - Pre-requisite Policy Measures
  19. Basin Plan Amendments
  20. Groundwater Policy Update
  21. Amending Water Sharing Plans in response to the development of WRPs