Stakeholder and community consultation

Stakeholder consultation is an essential part of the development of NSW water resource plans (WRPs) and will be undertaken throughout the development of the plans.

Current public consultation

About Stakeholder Advisory Panels (SAP)

A key area of consultation will be through targeted stakeholder advisory panels (SAPs). SAPs provide the department with stakeholder input into the planning process for WRP development. SAPs to help identify issues, examine options and provide the department with feedback and advice throughout the development of WRPs.

Stakeholder Advisory Panels have been set up for each water resource plan area. The surface water WRPs include both regulated and unregulated water sources. The SAP will also provide feedback and advice where a regulated river Water Sharing Plan (WSP) may occur at the same time as the development of a WRP for that area. Each stakeholder advisory panel operates under agreed terms of reference.

SAP members include representatives from NSW government agencies, water users, environmental interest groups, Aboriginal communities and local councils.


Weekly updates

The division provides a weekly update on issues related to water resource planning.