LTDLE (CAP) factors

The long-term diversion limit equivalence (LTDLE) factors are an accounting tool to keep track of how much water has been recovered for the environment as required under the Murray–Darling Basin Plan.

The factors estimate the historic utilisation of each type of entitlement in each area covered by the Basin Plan. They are necessary to ensure that recovered water is consistently accounted for, no matter where in the Basin it comes from.

The department developed the calculation methodology for the factors in conjunction with the Murray–Darling Basin Authority. The factors are based on historic use patterns, climatic data, and trade information. They will be accredited as a part of the accreditation of water resource plans.

Consultation on the LTDLE factors

The department released the cap factors for comment over the period 1 Jun–17 July 2018. Supporting materials and briefings to stakeholders were provide to help inform submissions. Both the consultation paper and the technical supporting paper can be accessed below.

Updated factors

After feedback and collaboration with various stakeholders, the department has released a revised baseline diversion limit (BDL) and updated long term diversion equivalence (LTDLE) factors for the Intersecting Streams WRP area and updated LTDLE factors for Redbank North and South entitlements in the Murrumbidgee WRP area.

The new BDL for the Intersecting Streams is 16,780 ML/year. This reflects the additional information that MDBA and NSW have collected regarding the previous use of water at the Toorale property. This is a significant increase in the BDL, however the information is robust and defensible. The work has increased the volume of water recovered as part of the Toorale purchase to 13.780 GL.

We have updated LTDLE factors for the Redbank North and South entitlements in the Murrumbidgee SDL resource units. The basis for the revision was additional information we received during the LTDLE factors public exhibition. The BDL for Murrumbidgee is unaltered. The technical reports for the Intersecting streams and Redbank entitlements are available below.

Further to this work, a review of the LTDLE factors has also been undertaken for the Murrumbidgee unregulated water sources. The basis for the revision was the Murray-Darling Basin Authority's review of cap implementation, which identified an updated usage estimate for these water sources. This usage estimate forms part of the calculation of the LTDLE with the revised LTDLE factor.

The following documents are addendums to the Water Reform Technical Report: Derivation of LTDLE Factors in NSW PDF, 1256.67 KB

Confirming statements

There were a number of queries or concerns raised by stakeholders in relation to long-term diversion limit equivalence (LTDLE) factor development and implementation that can be addressed by a confirming or clarifying statement on topics such as environmental water recovery, sustainable diversion Limits (SDLs) and associated allocation systems. These statements do not relate to changes in LTDLE factors or methodology, but confirm existing positions.