NSW Murray Darling Basin Porous Rock Water Resource Plan

Commonwealth accreditation

All NSW Water Resource Plans (WRPs) were submitted in 2020 to the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) to assess the plan against accreditation requirements of the Basin Plan 2012. Where plans have been submitted (and not withdrawn), a copy of the submitted Plan and the schedules and appendices is available on the MDBA website. The MDBA is progressing its assessment of NSW WRPs and notifying NSW on the outcome of this assessment. Where further work is required to address accreditation requirements, NSW WRPs are being withdrawn and will be resubmitted. At the time of withdrawal, the submitted documents are removed from the MDBA website. Refer to the Water Resource Plans–status: Water in New South Wales page for the status of each plan.

Changes made to the draft plan based on feedback from public consultation and the MDBA’s preliminary advice is provided in the summary of changes PDF, 266.07 KB fact sheet.

Water sharing plans continue to be the legal instrument for managing water resources in NSW. Water resource plans are put in place to implement the Commonwealth Basin Plan 2012.

What area does the plan cover?

NSW MDB Porous Rock Water Resource Map

The NSW Murray Darling Basin Porous Rock Water Resource Plan covers groundwater located within the sedimentary basins in the NSW portion of the Murray-Darling Basin as well as alluvial sediments that overlie these sediments that have not been explicitly captured elsewhere.

The NSW Murray Darling Basin Porous Rock (GW6) is composed of four sustainable diversion limit resource units (SDL resource units):

  • Gunnedah-Oxley Basin MDB (GS17)
  • Oaklands Basin (GS38)
  • Sydney Basin MDB (GS41)
  • Western Porous Rock (GS50)

Public exhibition - closed

Public exhibition of the NSW MDB Porous Rock WRP is now closed. All submissions have been reviewed by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

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Public information sessions

Public information sessions were held at the following locations. These public information sessions also included presentations which you can find below.