Draft Gwydir Alluvium water resource plan components for consultation

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Draft Gwydir Alluvium Water Resource Plan

This water resource plan has built on existing water planning arrangements such as the statutory water sharing plans. The plan consists of the main body water resource plan (Chapters 1 to 8), accompanying Schedules (A to I) and Appendix A. You can read them by clicking on the links below.

Schedule A: Draft Water Sharing Plan for the Gwydir Alluvial Groundwater Sources 2019

This Plan replaces the Water Sharing Plan for the Lower Gwydir Groundwater Source 2019 in relation to the Lower Gwydir Groundwater Source, and the Water Sharing Plan for the the Gwydir Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sources 2012 in relation to the Upper Gwydir Alluvial Groundwater Source. See WSP rule changes fact sheet to assist you in making informed comment.

Schedule B: Water Resource Plan index—appears in WRP on page 58

Identifies the person responsible for implementation measures associated with each requirement in Chapter 10 of the Basin Plan.

Schedule C: Consultation Information

Report on the consultation undertaken in the Gwydir Alluvium water resource plan area as part of the water resource plan process, including the Aboriginal First Nation consultation.

Schedule D: Risk assessment information

The Gwydir Alluvium Risk Assessment has been prepared as a component of the water resource plan and identifies potential and emerging risks to water resources.

Schedule E: Extreme events information

This schedule is the Water Quality Management Plan for the water resource plan area, as required by the Basin Plan.

Schedule F: Water Quality Management Plan

The Gwydir Alluvium Groundwater Water Quality Management Plan has been prepared as a component of the WRP and identified risks to water quality and potential strategies to manage these.

Schedule G: Information and methods used in preparing the WRP —appears in WRP on page 66

This schedule details the data sets, methods and other key policy and information sources used in formulating the water resource plan.

Schedule H: Water Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation Plan

This schedule details the arrangements for environmental monitoring, evaluation and reporting of water take as well as the resource itself (water flows or levels, and where applicable water quality and of water dependent ecosystems).

Schedule I: Information relating to take for consumptive use—appears on page 70

This schedule contains more detailed on Chapter 5 of the water resource plan and includes detailed methods for determining the actual annual take, annual permitted take and compliance with sustainable diversion limits.

Appendix A: Gwydir Alluvium water resource plan area description

The water resource description provides a comprehensive overview of the Gwydir alluvium water resource plan area