Water Resource Plans - status

Murray–Darling junction, Wentworth. Image courtesy of Destination NSW.

The NSW Government has committed to delivering its obligations under the Murray–Darling Basin Plan, and is developing 20 water resource plans (WRP) across the state.

The list of water resource plans and their status is below.

To find out about upcoming and previous engagement including water resource plans, visit stakeholder engagement.

Stages of a Water Resource Plan

Public exhibition - pending, on exhibition, closed
Commonwealth accreditation - pending, submitted, accredited

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Water Resource Plan Public exhibition stage Commonwealth accreditation stage
Barwon-Darling watercourseClosed Pending
Darling AlluviumClosed Pending
Gwydir Alluvium Closed Pending
Gwydir surface water Closed Pending
Intersecting Streams surface waterClosed Pending
Lachlan Alluvium Closed Pending
Lachlan surface water Closed Pending
Macquarie-Castlereagh Alluvium Closed Pending
Macquarie-Castlereagh surface water Closed Pending
Murray AlluviumClosed Pending
NSW Murray and Lower Darling surface waterClosedPending
Murrumbidgee Alluvium Closed Pending
Murrumbidgee surface water Closed Pending
NSW Border Rivers AlluviumClosed Pending
NSW Border Rivers surface water Closed Pending
NSW MDB Fractured RockClosed Pending
NSW GAB ShallowClosed Pending
NSW MDB Porous RockClosed Pending
NSW Namoi AlluviumClosed Pending
Namoi surface waterClosed Pending