Water resource plans

We have submitted all 20 draft plans to the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA). The MDBA will assess the plans against accreditation requirements of the Basin Plan 2012.

Water resource plans are a key feature of the Commonwealth Basin Plan 2012. In NSW, we have developed 20 water resource plans. This follows three years of public consultation and discussion with stakeholders and the community.

Each water resource plan area has different resources, environmental assets, development and geography. These things affect the management of water resources in each area.

Relying heavily on our NSW water sharing plans, the plans provide a clear framework and rule-set for managing NSW Basin water resources. This will benefit regional communities and water dependent industries. It will ensure we maintain healthy and resilient water ecosystems. These plans will help us to achieve the right balance of community, environmental, economic and cultural outcomes.

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    Finalising Water Resource Plans—What happens now

    Find out the next steps for the 20 submitted draft water resource plans.

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    Water Resource Plans - status

    Search the list of water resource plans in NSW and see their current status. View the plans and all related information.

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    Planning process

    Read about the process we used to develop the water resource plans.

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    LTDLE (CAP) factors

    Read about how LTDLE factors keep track of how much water has been recovered for the environment as required by the Basin Plan 2012.

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    Stakeholder Advisory Panels

    Read about how we carried out stakeholder and community consultation in developing water resource plans.