SDLAM in the Lower Murray River

The project “SDL offsets in the Lower Murray NSW” proposes an integrated package of works to restore and enhance river habitat in the Lower Murray region of New South Wales (NSW).

The works will generate significant environmental benefits by increasing productivity and habitat quality, promoting habitat use by aquatic fauna and water birds, encouraging fish growth as well as reducing water losses from evaporation.

The project is being progressed as a supply measure as part of the NSW Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism (SDLAM) program.

The project area is in the lowland reaches of the River Murray between Locks 8 and 9. It influences environmental assets associated with Lake Victoria and Frenchmans Creek, the Carrs, Capitts and Bunberoo (CCB) Creeks systems in NSW, and the Mulcra and Wallpolla Island areas on the Victorian floodplain.

The project area forms part of the Chowilla Floodplain and Lindsay-Wallpolla Islands icon site identified under The Living Murray (TLM) initiative.

This project covers three main components:

  1. operating rule changes for weirs 8 and 9;
  2. the installation of regulators and fishways on existing fixed crest weirs; and
  3. the construction of a fishway at the Frenchmans Creek inlet regulator.

These measures will restore flows, connectivity and hydrodynamic diversity in the CCB Creeks system, restore fish passage between Lake Victoria and the River Murray and establish agreed triggers and scenarios where weirs can be raised or lowered to mimic natural flood events that would naturally occur throughout the seasons.

A map of the project area is also available, Project map (JPG 385.4 KB).

SDLAM in the Lower Murray RiverSDLAM in the Lower Murray River

Stakeholder engagement

The project will be managed collaboratively with relevant stakeholders in NSW, SA and Victoria. Four advisory groups have been created to represent key stakeholders, traditional owners, property owners and the community to ensure any issues and risks associated with the project are addressed early and effectively.

The project will be managed in conjunction with other proposed changes in river operations and existing environmental infrastructure such as The Living Murray Works Mulcra and SDL works proposed at Wallpolla Island.

We would like to acknowledge Traditional Owners–the Barkindji people, 'the First Peoples of the Millewa Mallee' and the broader Nations and people that are connected to the Barkindji Nation. We acknowledge and respect the significant cultural and spiritual values that exist within the project area and the wider lands on which we travel through and gather on. We acknowledge the project area is being transferred to Aboriginal ownership and is now known as the "Tar-Ru Lands". Throughout the life of the project we will continually engage with Traditional Owners, other land owners, water users, recreational users and the wider community.