Basin Pipe Project

NSW and Commonwealth government funds are being invested in new on-farm water infrastructure across the Murray Darling Basin to save high security water, improve the reliability of Stock & Domestic (S&D) water supplies and allow more efficient water and land management. Up to 90% of S&D water taken from rivers is wasted through evaporation and leakage from channels and dams.

The Basin Pipe project minimises water waste by installing new water efficient pumps, pipes, tanks and troughs.

Landholders take full ownership of the new systems and benefit from more easily managed and more reliable stock and domestic water supplies. In exchange for new infrastructure, water savings are transferred to the NSW and Commonwealth Governments to help achieve the water recovery targets for the NSW Murray Darling Basin (MDB).

Basin pipe progress

The final basin pipe schemes are in the process of being implemented over the next two years. Expressions of interest are no longer being received.

Benefits for landholders

  • Efficient, low-maintenance on-farm water efficiency schemes.
  • Remotely controlled and monitored water management infrastructure allows simpler stock watering operations and more efficient land management.
  • Telemetry may be included, subject to approval by NSW Department of Planning and Environment.
  • Reliable, uniform quality stock and domestic water supplies, particularly during drought.

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