Lower Hunter Water Plan

The 2014 Lower Hunter Water Plan was developed by the NSW Government in close consultation with Hunter Water, government agencies, stakeholders and the community

The Lower Hunter Water Plan sets out how we will ensure there is enough water to supply the people and businesses of the region, as well as how we will respond to severe droughts. It recognises the water needs for the lower Hunter’s future growth and prosperity, as well as the needs of the environment.

The lower Hunter’s water supplies are very reliable under typical climatic conditions, and will be able to meet the water needs of a growing population and business community in the medium term. However, the region is vulnerable to drought, because water storage levels can fall quickly in prolonged periods of hot dry weather.

The Lower Hunter Water Plan is a package of water supply and demand measures that incorporates the significant contribution of water efficiency and recycled water investments already in place and underway, and builds on these to ensure the region can withstand an extreme drought.

Since its release in 2014, the Lower Hunter Water Plan has undergone regular monitoring and review to ensure the plan can adapt to changing circumstances and meet the ongoing needs of the lower Hunter community.

The NSW Government is currently developing the next iteration of the Lower Hunter Water Plan, which will set out a plan for drought as well as identify how we will meet the longer terms needs of a growing region.

Download the Lower Hunter Water Plan