Draft strategy

Macquarie river flowing around Dubbo city in Great Western Plains of NSW, Australia - wide aerial panorama.

Draft strategy and background information

This draft NSW Water Strategy is relevant to a wide range of people and interests, including Aboriginal people, landholders who rely on rivers or aquifers for domestic and stock rights, people living on floodplains, towns and villages, the environment and licensed water users. Rivers provide important recreational opportunities—including tourism, water sports and fishing—and the well-being of regional communities depends on healthy rivers.

The draft NSW Water Strategy has been developed based on feedback we have heard during previous consultation processes, for example, on regional water strategies, water sharing plans and water resource plans, the findings and recommendations from many inquiries and reviews into water management, and the experience of the recent drought.

We are now considering all feedback received and will incorporate your views, ideas and feedback into the final strategy.

Draft NSW Water Strategy

Download the draft NSW Water Strategy.

Download the draft NSW Water Strategy

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