About the draft NSW Water Strategy

Hanging Rock Lookout overlooking Shoalhaven River at Nowra, New South Wales. Image courtesy of DNSW.

A draft of the NSW Water Strategy was on public exhibition from Monday 15 February until Sunday 28 March 2021.

All submissions are currently being reviewed and feedback on the strategy is being considered.

A consolidated summary of feedback received will be used to develop a ‘what we heard report’ and a copy of respondent submissions (for those respondents that have provided permission) will be published on this website by July 2021.

Thank you to those who have made a submission.

Please email the NSW Water Strategy team nsw.waterstrategy@dpie.nsw.gov.au if you would like further details about the development of this strategy.

Watch this short video of Minister Pavey to find out more about the draft NSW Water Strategy.

NSW Water strategy

The NSW Government is developing a 20-year, state-wide NSW Water Strategy to improve resilience of the state’s water resources over the coming decades. The NSW Water Strategy will address key challenges and opportunities for water management and service delivery across the state and set the strategic direction for the NSW water sector over the long-term. The strategy will:

  • guide water service delivery and resource management across NSW
  • build on the progress made from previous reforms and set the direction to keep improving
  • identify key challenges, opportunities, strategic priorities and actions for the whole of NSW
  • clearly articulate the water resource management and service delivery framework and policy context for NSW, including how the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and state-wide, regional, metropolitan and local strategic water policy and planning frameworks work together.

The NSW Water Strategy is part of a suite of long-term water strategies including 12 regional and two metropolitan water strategies which set out the approach to maintaining and building the resilience of the state’s water resources, including in response to climate variability and change.

NSW Water Strategy

If you have any questions regarding the draft NSW Water Strategy please contact nsw.waterstrategy@dpie.nsw.gov.au.