CARM Computer Aided River Management system uses digital sensors and sophisticated computer software to enable better informed decision-making about how much water needs to be released into a river system to meet daily water requirements, as well as the location, timing and method of release and capture
CICL Coleambally Irrigation Co-operative Limited - sustainable water and irrigation management
Environmental pumps used for irrigation water supply and drinking water for fauna
Environmental water water flow that is managed by river operators to sustain flora and fauna
Fishways/fish passages structures placed on or around constructed barriers (such as dams or weirs) to give fish the opportunity to migrate.
Hydrometric stations a station on a river, lake or creek where water quantity and quality data are collected and recorded
MIL Murray Irrigation Limited – environmental and irrigation water supplier
SLD sustainable diversion limits – limits on the amount of water available for consumptive use in the Murray-Darling Basin
Weirs a structure that sits inside a body of water. It is used to control the flow from one part of the body of water to another. If there is more water in the system than required, the weir stores it until it is ready to be released