Yanco Creek Modernisation Project

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Survey works and geotechnical investigations are currently underway at Wanganella Swamp, south of Wanganella village. Read more about these activites.

Water Infrastructure NSW is investigating two projects within the Yanco Creek System as part of the Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Measures (SDLAM) program including the:

The Yanco Creek Modernisation Project (YCMP) is investigating the modernisation of infrastructure to enable smarter use of water in the Yanco Creek System – including Yanco, Billabong, Colombo and Forest Creeks.

What is the Yanco Creek Modernisation Project?

The Yanco Creek Modernisation Project is a series of initiatives aiming to improve water management as part of commitments within the Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism (SDLAM) program.

The SDLAM program is being delivered by the NSW Government with funding provided by the Australian Government under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

The YCMP aims to:

  • create a community and government partnership
  • maintain and improve flows
  • keep the Yanco, Billabong, Forest and Columbo Creeks flowing
  • be smart in the use of available water
  • modernise ageing infrastructure
  • ensure project benefits for irrigators, town water supplies, native fish, water birds, culture and heritage, and recreational use.

A range of options are being investigated to improve water management in the Yanco Creek System including:

  • environmental water efficiency
  • Billabong Creek re-regulation weirs
  • Yanco Creek / Mundoora Anabranch reconfiguration
  • Forest Creek return flows via Piccaninny Creek
  • improved flow measurement
  • review of irrigation escapes flows
  • improved use of technology
  • improved riparian management.

The NSW Government will continue to consult with communities on the proposed Yanco Creek Modernisation Project to seek feedback on impacts, opportunities and work to address concerns. Learn more about the proposed YCMP projects and provide your feedback by clicking on the button below.

Project information

Project Benefits

The Yanco Creek Modernisation Project is focused on delivering equivalent and/or improved environment outcomes through infrastructure and smarter use of water.

Some of the expected benefits in the Yanco, Billabong, Forest, Colombo Creeks and Murrumbidgee systems include:

  • more efficient delivery of environmental water
  • improved fish passage (e.g. new fish ladders)
  • improved knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal cultural heritage
  • improved connection to country by Traditional Owners
  • an economic, training and employment boost during Yanco SDLAM Programs for local communities
  • improved levels of services (e.g. more flexible timing to irrigation scheduling)
  • a reduced risk of further non-strategic water market purchases from the Southern Connect Basin to meet NSW Basin Plan commitments.

Many projects within the Yanco Creek Modernisation Project are investigating the construction and restoration of fish passages between water bodies to enable native fish to safely bypass obstacles such as weirs and fish barriers. By re-establishing these travel corridors, species will have greater connectivity to habitat and breeding areas.

Wanganella Swamp
Wanganella Swamp

Survey works underway at Wanganella Swamp

On Monday 5 July, surveyors commenced field work on a survey in the Wanganella Swamp area located near the Cobb Highway about 4km south of Wanganella.

Results from the survey (expected in late July) will be used by design engineers to develop concept designs for infrastructure options to assist deliver environmental outcomes at the swamp more efficiently.

The Wanganella Swamp project is one of three environmental water efficiency projects being investigated as part of the Yanco Creek Modernisation Project.

For more information on these survey activities contact yanco.sdlprogram@dpie.nsw.gov.au.