About the Menindee Lakes project

Menindee Lakes Project rescope

The NSW Government is aware of strong elements of community opposition to the Sustainable Diversion Limit (SDL) Adjustment Mechanism project proposed for the Menindee Lakes Project.

Recognising this project has unique sensitivities and cannot be delivered in its current form by 2024, it is currently being rescoped.

There are multiple issues that need to be resolved within the next two months, which is why we will be mobilising additional resources to work on rescoping the project. This will include revising baseline schedules and budgets, as well as carrying out an assessment of the benefits and risks of any potential project.

We are committed to working with communities on delivering projects that will have broad community support.

Community engagement

The NSW Government has carried out a comprehensive program of engagement with the local community and will continue to collaborate and seek input from key governance groups including the Menindee Lower Darling Stakeholder Advisory Group and Technical Advisory Group throughout the life of any project.

Engagement with First Nations people is regarded as critical to the rescoping process and the wider community will also be provided with opportunities to influence any rescoped project.

Aboriginal engagement and cultural significance

The Menindee Lakes, Darling Barka River and Great Darling Anabranch are rich in cultural and archaeological significance. As Traditional Owners, the wisdom and experience of the Barkindji people is critical to informing any potential project on their land.

Water Infrastructure NSW is committed to carrying out comprehensive engagement with the Barkindji to ensure their cultural and spiritual connection to water is thoroughly understood, respected and integrated into project development and delivery.


Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling is being undertaken to inform the rescope process.

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