About the Menindee Lakes project

The Menindee Lakes project aims to strike a balance between maximising water savings and protecting the significant ecological, cultural heritage and socio-economic values in the Menindee Lakes, Lower Darling River and Great Darling Anabranch. It will focus on adjusting the sustainable diversion limit and deliver on the NSW Government commitment to the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Community engagement

A stakeholder advisory group has been established to collaboratively design and implement the best project possible.

The wider community will also be able to influence the project throughout all stages of delivery.

Aboriginal engagement and cultural significance

The Menindee Lakes, Lower Darling River and Great Darling Anabranch are rich in cultural and archaeological significance. The traditional owners, the Barkindji people, will play a key role to ensure cultural considerations are made throughout the project.


Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling will be undertaken to inform all stages of the Menindee Lakes project. It will inform the options development and assessment process as well as design and operational planning.

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