Yanco Creek system projects FAQs

Will Yanco Creek be cut off from the Murrumbidgee?

There are no plans to cut off Yanco Creek from the Murrumbidgee River or stop water flowing to Colombo and Billabong. The proposed Yanco Creek regulator will assist in providing higher levels of service and control through the Yanco Creek system.

Has the Government assessed the risks associated with this proposal?

A preliminary risk assessment identified the potential impacts of the proposal as well as potential mitigation measures. Before we implement the proposed Project, the department is required to undertake comprehensive environmental and socio-economic impact studies, which includes extensive stakeholder engagement processes. The project will not be approved unless the department can demonstrate that potential impacts can be avoided or mitigated.

How do the proposed Yanco Creek projects relate to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan?

The Yanco Creek projects are part of a suite of “supply” projects submitted under the MDBP Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism. These projects allow environmental outcomes targeted in the Basin Plan to be achieved with less water. This means that more water can remain in the system for other users. Any potential inter-dependencies between supply measure projects under SDLAM can only be formally determined once a final package of supply measure projects (as constructed) is modelled by the MDBA.

Will other options be considered?

Changes to the business case proposals will be considered. Alternatives identified by stakeholders in addition to those already described in the business cases are currently being assessed using an options evaluation framework to determine the preferred set of options for implementation.