Locks 8 & 9 project FAQs

When will weir pool trials commence at Locks 8 and 9?

There have been ongoing weir pool trials at Locks 7 and 8 over the last five years through a coordinated approach between Victoria and New South Wales. It is proposed these trials will continue into 2021. Current constraints, including the Millewa pump station at Lake Cullulleraine have prevented weir pool trials at Lock 9. The proposed relocation and replacement of the pump station is anticipated to be complete by September 2021, pending the approval of Stage 2 funding by the Commonwealth Government. The replacement and relocation of the pump will enable weir pool trials to commence at Lock 9.

How far are we proposing to lower Lock 8 and Lock 9?

Several investigations including third-party socio-economic impact studies need to be conducted before the final operating plan for Locks 8 and 9 is developed. The final operating plan will need to ensure ecological and socio-economic objectives can be achieved whilst mitigating third party and ecological impacts.

What time of year do we propose to lower Lock 8 and Lock 9?

Further investigations are required to determine the optimal operating regime for Locks 8 & 9. Operating principles will be required to allow for a wetting and drying regime that provides flexibility to meet the water requirements of neighbouring ecosystems, as well as continue to meet the needs of downstream users (irrigators, towns and stock and domestic).

Will the Fort Courage Boat Ramp be impacted by weir pool lower at Lock 9?

Investigations are underway to determine third-party socio-economic impacts associated with the proposed lowering of Locks 8 & 9. The investigations will assist in identifying the level of impact on both pump and non-pump infrastructure, such as boat ramps and pontoons. The investigations will also determine any impacts to trafficability within the river and commence to flow levels for creeks and anabranches connected to the Lock 8 and 9 weir pools.

What if my pump is impacted by weir pool lowering?

An assessment of all pumps within the reaches of Locks 8 & 9 is underway. The project will consult with water users prior to finalising a weir pool operating plan. Consultation will continue throughout the life of the project.

What type of fishway do we propose to construct on the Frenchmans Creek Inlet Regulator?

Current options for the Frenchmans Creek fishway are being identified and assessed. Key stakeholders from SA Water, Murray Darling Basin Authority NSW Fisheries, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment - Environment, Energy and Science, Department of Primary Industries and other technical experts will assess each option to determine the most suitable fishway design for this location. Further investigations will be required before a design is finalised. Stakeholders on the project Technical Advisory Group and Stakeholder Advisory Group will be consulted on the concept design prior to construction.

When will the proposed regulators and fishways be constructed and operated?

The project is currently in the planning and design phase. The project is due to progress to construction after robust investigations are completed and the design is finalised. The construction phase is anticipated to commence in 2022 and is subject to Commonwealth funding.