Partnership approach and next steps

A scenic view of the Murray–Darling Junction at Wentworth. Image courtesy of Destination NSW.

The department has learned from the challenges encountered by previous change programs, and is putting these at the centre of the Town Water Risk Reduction Program by adopting a robust partnership approach with the following key elements:

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Next steps

  1. The department is establishing a stakeholder advisory panel including key sector stakeholders as well as representatives of the department’s co-regulators: NSW Health, the Office of Local Government, and the NSW Environmental Protection Authority.
  2. In collaboration with the stakeholder advisory panel we will:
    1. test the proposed program focus areas
    2. agree on an approach and mechanisms for engaging with the wider sector on the program.
  3. Seek feedback from the wider sector on the program’s proposed areas of focus, and how stakeholders want to be involved. The program team will work with the stakeholder advisory panel to incorporate this feedback.
  4. Establish engagement mechanisms (e.g. thematic working groups) to start working with stakeholders to design and then implement detailed solutions within the high-level focus areas agreed above.