Why your submission is important

The NSW Government is taking action to improve the security, reliability, quality and resilience of the state’s water resources. The draft South Coast Regional Water Strategy will deliver healthy and resilient water resources for a liveable and prosperous regional NSW.

This draft strategy is being developed by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and provides an opportunity to re-shape what we are doing in regional water management and chart a path forward.

We have been working with local water utilities, councils, communities, Aboriginal people and other stakeholders to ensure local and traditional knowledge informs the draft South Coast Regional Water Strategy and that it serves the regional community, including Aboriginal people, the environment and industry.

Your voice is important

We have prepared this draft strategy to continue our discussions with you. We would like to hear your views on the draft strategy as a whole including the process we used to develop the strategy and the evidence that supports it. We are also seeking your feedback on the options presented in the draft strategy and whether you have any further information that could help us to assess the benefits and disadvantages of any of the options.

Please provide your feedback in the submission form by clicking on the ‘Next’ button below. After completion, a copy of your submission will be sent to your email address provided in the next section.