Next steps

The following frequently asked questions are about the next steps.

What happens after the public exhibition period closes?

Feedback and submissions received during the public exhibition period will be reviewed and published in a consolidated report available on our website. If you would like your submission and/or feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when making your submission. If you request your submission be kept confidential, it will not be published on our website or included in any relevant reports.

Outcomes resulting from the submissions will be integrated into the final draft strategy, where feasible. Additional consultation may then take place to review the final draft before seeking approval from the minister.

How and who will implement the strategies once they are finalised?

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment will develop implementation plans for each regional water strategy, including monitoring and evaluation, once the strategies are finalised. The strategies will be implemented by NSW Government in partnership with WaterNSW, local water utilities and water management authorities.

I have additional questions about regional water strategies? Whom can I contact?

Phone consultations with a regional water strategies staff member can be booked online. Visit the region-specific page and follow the links to book one-on-one phone consultations.

Alternatively, please email your questions to