Draft amendments to the Gwydir Valley Floodplain Management Plan

Consultation closed

Public comment on proposed changes to the Floodplain Management Plan for the Gwydir Valley Floodplain Management Plan 2016 ran from Monday 26 September to Monday 7 November 2022.

Submissions on the proposed amendments will be reviewed and considered as the department prepares recommendations to the Minister for Lands and Water. If the amendments are supported by the Minister, it will take effect from when the associated amendment order is published on the NSW legislation website.

A summary of feedback received is provided in the What we heard report (PDF, 634 KB).

Submissions will be published on the website, in accordance with the department’s privacy policy.


The floodplain management plan establishes the framework for the coordination of flood work development on a whole-of-valley basis. The plan includes management zones, rules and assessment criteria for granting or amending approvals for flood works within the Gwydir Valley Floodplain.

The proposed amendments address some recommendations from recent reviews of the plan and its implementation, and consistency with more recently developed floodplain management plans. They include changes to the current Management Zones Map, additional rules and administrative changes.

The proposed changes include:

  • additional places of ecological or Aboriginal cultural significance (or both) to Management Zone D1 (special protection zone)
  • local hydraulic and ecological refinements to Management Zone A
  • refinements to Management Zones B and C to reflect the alignment of works in a flood work approval
  • provisions for ecological, cultural and heritage site enhancement works in Management Zones A and D
  • other changes to the rules and assessment criteria for flood work applications to ensure consistency with other rural floodplain management plans.

The public consultation period provided opportunities for floodplain landholders, stakeholders and other interested parties to learn more about the proposed amendments to the floodplain management plan, and to make a submission on the proposed amendments.

Public stakeholders can still read the supporting materials:

If you require assistance reading these documents, please contact 1300 081 047 or water.enquiries@dpie.nsw.gov.au.